A mind walk

It will be 107 degrees today. I know it’s summer in southern Arizona and it is to be expected, but it reinforces my feeling that I don’t belong here. I’ve lived here for 47 years, so you would think I would be accustomed to it. But it seems as though the older I get the less I am able to tolerate it. The only redeeming part of this season is the monsoon rain storms that visit in the evenings, though those have been AWOL for the last several weeks!

My fantasy home will be in a place that enjoys four seasons, with lots of green in the summer and lots of white in the winter, near a mountain lake or the ocean. Water is necessary.

I have a lot of books. My last estimate was 1300-1500. So I would need a house with an attic and basement, a large room for books and my writing space. I’ve always wanted to live in a Victorian two story house. More dreaming would be large fireplaces and maybe a friendly ghost.

As you can see I am finding a place in my mind to hide from the stress of the hot weather.

Last night a storm hit us coming in from the north east. It made it’s presence known when a large brown patio umbrella broke in half and struck the house making Millie and I jump. She went to the window and barked like crazy. The wind was powerful and once the heavy rain started everything got soaked. The storm moved quickly and then it was over. The humidity was 60% and the temp was 80. Sticky and still.

So here I sit, hidden in the air conditioned house, regularly getting wet to cool off, and a fan blowing on me. I imagine snowy mountains, cool breezes and temperatures that require a sweater and scarf.



Give me a bit of green

After I came back from North Dakota, once Chuck was transferred from Tioga to Dickinson, I was disappointed to be stuck in the Arizona desert once again. I prefer cooler temperatures. I didn’t want to be reminded of where I was and how long I was required to be here. I was able to endure the winter since we managed to have a few days of cold weather and some rainy days. We had a wonderful Christmas in Disneyland.

However once the heat began I closed the windows, curtains and blinds to shut out the light and heat. I stayed indoors, in the cool darkness of my virtual cave reluctant to go outdoors or into company. I have described this in previous blogs. I watched movies and television shows set in winter or the English countryside. I believe I’ve watched every Miss Marple, Jane Austen, Wallander and Midsomer Murders there are to watch. A Christmas Carol and Grumpy Old Men have lots of snow in the scenery.

Then last month the temperatures took a drop and rain came in. Chuck was at home at the time and for my birthday he bought me several nice house plants, at least twelve of them. When I had left for Tioga I gave all of the ones I had away, and there were quite a few. I cannot tell you how having those new plants scattered around my home cheered me. It was as if I could now breathe again and the house took on a cheerful attitude. I now had reason to throw open the curtains and blinds and let the light in.

Millie and I enjoy walking around the house in the rain. Being wet doesn’t bother either of us. This has prompted a renewed effort in my writing. My soul is dreaming.

Last week we were able to sell the piano and this opened the living room up making room for some furniture re-arranging. With the cooler temps and a few days of rain the outdoors had greened up so looking out of the windows was a joy. Chuck got the spa working and the water was clean and fresh.  The green inside and out comforts me. Chuck noticed how improved my attitude had become since it had cooled off and my house is full of plants.

Millie and I journeyed into Catalina State Park this morning where morning glory was blooming along the trails and the grasses have come back since the fall rains. Water is running in several places which Millie loved romping and splashing through and I didn’t hesitate to get my feet wet. She is maturing with these adventures, her behavior was very good and several people praised her along the trail.

I hope to see the ocean again soon. I plan to see Melissa at Thanksgiving, bringing me close to the Pacific. Too close not to visit the shore. I hope that a home near the water is in my future, whether a lake or ocean and if there are mountains nearby that is a bonus.

Cool air, running water and green. I relish these.