The Football Cult

Well it’s finally happened. I have no favorite to win in the Super Bowl. Neither team has sucked me in, and that is okay with me. I’ve observed the Super Bowl phenomena has taken on a festive spirit. I’ve worked places where people have taken off the day after the game. Retailers and media cater to it. It really is becoming an American holiday. It’s like New Years Eve, if you aren’t invited to a party or hosting a party something is wrong with you socially.

As a Texan I come from football loving roots. I have hardwired memories of Sunday afternoons during football season that always included games. In the past during the off season I’ve complained about no football on TV and was jonesing for a game to watch. I had season tickets for the Arizona Wildcats and if someone asked me I would say I am an Arizona Cardinals fan.

I like talking football, and I’m good at it. I keep myself current on what’s happening-just ask me my opinion on Johnny Manziel.

Admittedly some of my feelings come from the crap in the league the last few years. Domestic violence, criminal activity and cheating has disillusioned me and discouraged my interest. I was heartened when the NFL seemed to try to take these issues seriously, at first, but the self interest in money and success showed the leagues true colors. College athletes are seduced by it whether they are prepared or not, more often not.

I have been in fantasy football leagues and found that it wears me out. Tying to keep track of my players and tracking the points and injuries took some of the fun out of it. I was a league champion one year, much to my surprise.

But slowly I’ve been changing in my interest in football. I still watch some games and I still know a lot about the game. The desire for filling my weekends with college and professional games (Thursday, Sunday and Monday do you believe that?) has eased. I admit I want my teams to win, but I’m not doing everything I can to watch them. It’s just as easy to check the scores online after the games are done.

The romance is over. The football cult has lost it’s grip.