Checking In

Checking in on this cool, rainy morning.

Wondering about a bunch of stuff. Car needs an oil change, I’ve got tons of laundry to start, must get ready for a short road trip, have an audio book audition to prepare, a garment alteration job to start, and have to make gingerbread cookies sometime today.

All I want to do is read.

I’m an avid reader. I read electronic media as well as the good old printed and bound pieces. The pleasure of words cannot be adequately expressed. I love the feeling of holding a book, and of immersing in a story.

more books

These shelves of books give me pleasure to look at, to touch, and in the case of my glass book case, filled with nothing newer than a 1950 copyright, the smell of old printed tomes.

Nothing in here is newer than 1950.

I’m proud of my collection. It is special to me, and I enjoy adding new books, as well as classics. I’m a bookstore’s friend. I’ve decided that one day I will have a book sale. None from my glass cabinet or the classics like Louisa May Alcott or F. Scott Fitzgerald, but the Janet Evanovich, Mary Higgins Clark or Tom Clancy will be put out there for another book lover to discover.

After todays projects are completed, and I can feel comfortable relaxing with a glass of wine I will pick up a story. They are waiting for me.



I’m awake

Damn insomnia strikes again! Of course the worst thing to do is sit in front of a computer absorbing all that bad electronic light into my tired brain. But I’m tired so I’m stupid.

I have been writing nearly all day (at least 8 hours with church, meals and wine thrown in) so by about 8pm the letters started to be blurry with my glasses, and I was making mistakes. It was time to stop for the night. I didn’t watch the Oscars (never do) so I had no TV to bore me to tears and zzz’s. My preferred programming is interesting and would keep me awake, so pass on those.

I talked to Chuck around 9pm as he was getting ready to sleep in his hotel bed after driving from Dickinson ND to Cheyenne WY (500 miles.) He has a very pleasant, warm sleepy voice which is seductive for slumber.

Well that didn’t help either.

Did my night time bathroom routine (I know you want to know this) and got in bed. Comfy and cozy I decided to read for a while to get drowsy. I was losing my place, forgetting what I’d read and dropped the book a couple of times so that was a clue to turn out the light. That was around 11:30pm.

I then proceeded to toss and turn for the next two hours. It is now 1:58am.

I am now confronting the demon insomnia with words which are truly my best weapons. Millie wasn’t too pleased with my roaming the house and turning on lights. She grumbled at me in between yawns but has dutifully followed me and is now laying on the floor by the desk. Good Millie.

Cheers! (Yawn-I hope)


Inherit this

Recently I’ve been reading several stories where the main character inherits all kinds of cool stuff like houses or businesses from unknown or long lost relatives. I would love for this to happen to me.

Picture this: a long lost, maybe estranged relative would leave me a lovely Victorian house (haunted is ok) with some nice property and a couple of million in a basement vault or maybe the key to a lock box in a bank containing dozens of pieces of priceless jewelry and 1000 shares of Apple in my name.

It could happen.

My dream would be an unknown ancestor in Kent with a title and a castle filled with enough valuables and a large enough estate to support my living there. That would work.

Does anyone know of someone this has really happened to?

I’m just hoping once my hard working husband gets this place ready, it sells with enough of a profit that we will be mostly out of debt. We had someone stop and look at the 5th wheel this morning!! Cross your fingers and pray for a buyer. It is a beautiful, roomy RV with a nice flat screen TV and fireplace!

I found an interesting bookmark while going through boxes in my office. It is from a place called “Piece of Mind Books” on S Buchanan in Edwardsville IL. I have never been there so when I googled it I found it had closed back in 2011. What was interesting was it had been opened and owned by the same person the whole time. The owners had moved at one point to try to salvage the business after a Borders opened nearby and cut into their traffic. The new place then closed thanks to Amazon and the online book market.

This bookmark is for the original location! How cool it that?  No clue how I obtained it. Sounds like a story.



Twitter fun

Happy Monday afternoon. It’s cooled off here, mid 40’s, making me and Millie happy. Something else I’m having fun with is Twitter. It is so much fun to see these little snatches of ideas, personal opinions, dumb thoughts, amazing pics-peoples lives in 100 characters. It’s kinda like getting valentines on Valentines day to know how popular you are. The thrill of seeing followers add up and the downer of losing a follower is pretty addictive. I get the same thrill when I get new blog followers.

I’m at 100+, you like me, you really like me!!

I like twitter, and I am starting to do more Instagram as I learn how it works. Facebook is getting a bit boring. I also have Linkedin and Tumbler accounts but my knowledge of those is basic.

I have been reading a lot the last few days and have gotten some great suggestions for reading material from different genre’s from twitter.

Just what I need, more stuff to read. Just kidding, seriously just kidding.

I have also started following the twitter pages for two new TV programs I’ve really gotten into. The actors are young and beautiful but also have great depth in their acting. “The Expanse” and “The Magicians” have me wrapped up in watching them so I’ve used On Demand to get caught up.

So now I’m waiting for the next episodes. Hate waiting.

I don’t know how people follow so many social media sites. Do you have a preference?

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter-I like yew!




I love books. I’ve probably said that before. I worked in a bookstore and being surrounded by books was wonderful. My husband and I have spent mornings going to different bookstores around town enjoying the feeling of discovery when a book by a favorite author is found. I will admit I am a hardback snob.

I especially love coming across a selection of old books. I love the smell of old books and when I find one that is signed or has a special memento inside it is like finding hidden treasure.

Sitting here I am surrounded by my books. It is encouraging and inspiring.

20151004_184017 20151004_184036 20151004_184050 20151004_184105

Need something to read?


Workout angst

I was at the gym this morning, doing my treadmill duty with a new book on my Kindle ready to start reading. The treadmill started, I got to speed and increased the incline. I was starting to cruise. The book is a new genre for me so I was trying to concentrate and get into it. So far so good.

Then he showed up.

Ok, you know the sting about personal space invasion. There is an unspoken protocol in the gym just like everywhere else. Leave a space. If there are six unoccupied seats leave a seat open between people. Same at the gym. Don’t take a treadmill or other piece of equipment right next to someone unless there is no option. There were at least fifteen empty treadmills and he took the one right next to me! He had a friend with him who took the one on the other side of him.

Alright, just keep reading.

Then he started talking to his friend, loudly. Comments on the programs on the overhead TV’s, talking about his expected workout and other crap. It totally invaded my brain. I was trying to focus, but this guy’s loud commentary was making me nuts. I was ready to stop my workout and leave. Then his friend said “Quit talking.”

I love her!!!

Book back into focus, I pounded out my time sweating and happy.