My husband was here for two weeks as is his routine: work two weeks, home two weeks. Well I realized when he is here the usual things that I do get totally scrambled. I did zero sewing, blogging or writing, I cooked way too much and consequently ate way too much. He flew back to North Dakota this morning and now it’s time to regroup. I love having him here but after two weeks of looking after myself, his always welcome presence, turns things around for me.

It’s all good though.

Millie is really growing. She weighs fifty lbs, is at least three feet tall when sitting and getting her big dog teeth. She’s still got a bit of puppy brain at six months old and easily gets distracted, but for the most part she is doing pretty well. She absolutely loves Chuck and when he is here she is his shadow. Sometimes though she will get into things and he runs her off back to me! That doesn’t last too long before she is back at his heels. She also snores when she sleeps and groans when she stretches-funny!

While Chuck was here the whole scary mess in Paris happened. It was the first time in a long time I actually watched the news on TV. I usually get my news from brief updates online. I hate watching the news channels. I don’t understand people who watch constantly. If I had the news on all day my brain would explode. I kept switching between CNN and Fox to get a more complete picture of the heartbreaking event. After a few hours over a couple of days I had a scary moment so similar to 9/11. Chuck and I were in a public place and I started looking at the crowds moving around me, I was watching their faces and behaviors and felt an insecure panic. I felt unsafe. I held onto Chuck’s hand all the time.

I never got to go to New York to visit the twin towers and I always wanted to. It was a place I wanted to stand on top of and look out on that city. Paris is another place I have always wanted to go and here it seemed I might miss out on it also. I was angry and frustrated by the evil of the actions. I don’t understand killing and injuring people who don’t agree with your ideology to make a point. The terrorists were more than making a point, this was intended to create fear and subordination in others.

We will all bear the scars in our minds and hearts.

With the holidays coming I will be spending them without Chuck. He is working Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. At least I will be able to be with Melissa for those days. I will also get to see Aaron and Chelsea after Christmas. My kids will cheer my heart. There is also Skype for Chuck!!

Now it’s time to hit the pages of my newest literary creation in progress!



Give me a bit of green

After I came back from North Dakota, once Chuck was transferred from Tioga to Dickinson, I was disappointed to be stuck in the Arizona desert once again. I prefer cooler temperatures. I didn’t want to be reminded of where I was and how long I was required to be here. I was able to endure the winter since we managed to have a few days of cold weather and some rainy days. We had a wonderful Christmas in Disneyland.

However once the heat began I closed the windows, curtains and blinds to shut out the light and heat. I stayed indoors, in the cool darkness of my virtual cave reluctant to go outdoors or into company. I have described this in previous blogs. I watched movies and television shows set in winter or the English countryside. I believe I’ve watched every Miss Marple, Jane Austen, Wallander and Midsomer Murders there are to watch. A Christmas Carol and Grumpy Old Men have lots of snow in the scenery.

Then last month the temperatures took a drop and rain came in. Chuck was at home at the time and for my birthday he bought me several nice house plants, at least twelve of them. When I had left for Tioga I gave all of the ones I had away, and there were quite a few. I cannot tell you how having those new plants scattered around my home cheered me. It was as if I could now breathe again and the house took on a cheerful attitude. I now had reason to throw open the curtains and blinds and let the light in.

Millie and I enjoy walking around the house in the rain. Being wet doesn’t bother either of us. This has prompted a renewed effort in my writing. My soul is dreaming.

Last week we were able to sell the piano and this opened the living room up making room for some furniture re-arranging. With the cooler temps and a few days of rain the outdoors had greened up so looking out of the windows was a joy. Chuck got the spa working and the water was clean and fresh.  The green inside and out comforts me. Chuck noticed how improved my attitude had become since it had cooled off and my house is full of plants.

Millie and I journeyed into Catalina State Park this morning where morning glory was blooming along the trails and the grasses have come back since the fall rains. Water is running in several places which Millie loved romping and splashing through and I didn’t hesitate to get my feet wet. She is maturing with these adventures, her behavior was very good and several people praised her along the trail.

I hope to see the ocean again soon. I plan to see Melissa at Thanksgiving, bringing me close to the Pacific. Too close not to visit the shore. I hope that a home near the water is in my future, whether a lake or ocean and if there are mountains nearby that is a bonus.

Cool air, running water and green. I relish these.