A word of advice


I asked people on Facebook to write down something they would tell their young self if they had the opportunity.  I received some interesting responses. Here they are:

Matt Moses where should i start….

Chelsea Vaughn Don’t even think about boys until you’re older.

Penny Hilde Do you mean now or if we could go back in time? If I could go back in time there are many things but one things would be to stay in shape!

Beth Kellar Listen to your dad!

April Starr God first, stick with my plan I had my senior year – I had completely done things backwards from what I had actually wanted. Take care of me FIRST

Stephen Fiscella Not to worry about the things I did. I look back now and think what the hell.

Mary Wingfield How young are we talking here?

       Nancy Vaughn Say 10-12 years old.

      Mary  Wingfield Don’t be shy.

Bobbie Herzog Go to class your freshman year. 🎓;)

Rachel Hanson Calm down. It will be okay.

        Rachel Hanson Or maybe just this: Shut up. Seriously. Don’t talk so much. Listen more.

Serena Main You writing another book!? Please!

      Nancy  Vaughn 2nd book should be out this month. Working on the cover right now.

      Serena Main I have photoshop, let me know if you need any help! 😉

Niki Holliman Think I would say always tell your family how much you love them.

Nikki Bedwell Forgive quickly. And often.

Rebecca Gayle Spend more time with your grandparents and write down their stories

Darlene Waldrom Trust in God. He will give you a good life.

Melissa Vaughn Don’t be afraid to step out in faith. The safe option is not always the best option.

Dawn Palmquist Be stronger, confident & recognize my self-worth!!

Kathleen Hill Stand your ground no matter what.

Nancy Vaughn These comments are so great! I may put them in a blog!

What advice would you give your ten year old self?



Feeling crazy young

I just had the absolute best time. My nephew is painting my house, he’s a pro. Yeah he’s getting paid. Anyway, his daughter, my so extremely cool niece Trinity and her buddy Casey came by. They live just down the road so the girls walked over to ride back with my nephew Kris.

I turned on the music (of course) and I began doing my aunt duty by giving them lessons in wine tasting, mind you no one underage drank anything, but I showed them the finer point of wine tasting. Using a Malibu red blend I demonstrated what to do and what to look for. They took to it like the pros I expected from them. Trinity is related to me, and Casey is her friend so is awesome by association.

We talked, pretending to be grown ups as I described varietals and the best year for red grapes. We made fun of people who drank fruity wines and sweet Rieslings, you know the routine.

It is my duty to help.

Then we went into my office and Trinity saw the books were being packed up and my laptop open. This girl knows me well. We started talking about my writing and what they had happening in their lives. Such cute girls. These are the girls I did the Cupid Shuffle with at my nephews graduation party, but I digress.

I said, “Listen to this song,” and I played Walk Away by Kelly Clarkson, then Try Me by Jason Derulo. Then I played…House Party by Sam Hunt. There was excessive teenage girl squealing and then the three of us proceeded to sing at the top of our lungs and dance like it was a Hollywood dance club! We were laughing and singing and dancing and the years between us were gone.

God that was fun!

I think this needs to happen very often.