Things that cheer my heart

Greetings all you fellow Covid-19 social distancers!!

I’ve been busy making masks for healthcare workers and my family, hubby has had a 14 day quarantine by his work because we took a trip to Florida to do some work on the 5th wheel my son and his wife are living in. We left on March 14th and at that time Disneyworld, Kennedy Space Center and the beaches were still open. On the 15th my son messaged me that the park was closing, so I checked and Kennedy was closed, and thanks to the lusty, drunken spring breakers the beaches were closed. So…we spent the time in Winter Garden, Florida being with our kids, eating too many sweets and working on the trailer. Chuck and Aaron installed a new hot water heater, a valve on the furnace, and ripped up the ugly carpet and installed a beautiful rich wood laminate flooring-much to my daughter-in-laws happiness.

It was quite the trip home in a world very different from when we left Arizona. More people were wearing masks, and keeping their distance. No easy stops at local restaurants, and the highways were mostly populated by big rigs. It’s a big change that will hang on after the virus has been controlled. My hubby has always said that one day the Earth will sneeze and reset itself. Maybe it just did.

So now to give you something wonderful and happy to view, I want to introduce you to some remarkable folks. I have started following two families on YouTube who have adopted children of a different race. They are on YouTube and Instagram and I LOVE them!!

I come from a adoption heritage – my father was adopted, my daughter was adopted by my hubby, my daughter adopted her son who is a different race and is on the autism spectrum, and I know several people who are adopters and/or are adopted. It is a heritage of which I am extremely proud.


The first one is Sadie and Jarvis Sampson who adopted Ezra. These are so fun to watch and the love in this wee family is beautiful and precious. It filled my heart the first time I watched this and saw the love they share.

The next one is this beautiful single woman, Kimberly Holden and her two beautiful children. I found them when I saw this video title and had to watch it. This family is a blessing to me and I encourage everyone to watch them.

There you go and I hope you will love and enjoy watching them like I am. Upcoming is a blog about the Florida trip with lots of photos. Check back soon!!

Stay home and stay safe-love to all.



Nobody’s perfect

With all of the political crap starting up one thing I cannot stand is people commenting on the family of a candidate. I realize the exposure is part of being the spouse, child or other family member of a political figure but it is still disturbing how cruel humans can be. The anonymity of Facebook and Twitter make it easy for an individual to make comments they would never have the guts to say face to face. It is the same mentality that feeds a bully to pick on someone weaker or smaller.

I am not a person to stump for a political party. I have made my personal choices based on what I think the country needs and who comes closest to that position. Their family relationships do have an influence on who they are and what they believe but those people don’t deserve to be ambushed publicly with reproach and ridicule. It has to be hard enough for a spouse or child to hear the nasty, accusatory  and confrontational comments that are made about their loved one.  To be made fun of or demeaned by people who don’t know then – I hate that!

Responding to this stuff can be difficult for me because I get riled and want to verbally retaliate. I am pretty good at being sarcastic and rude but once I let myself do it I immediately regret it. I also regret when I let another’s opinion influence my response. I am not perfect and don’t need to demand everyone think like me. If you want to know what I think then ask, but I’m not going to shove it in your face and ridicule you for thinking differently. I would expect the same from you.

I don’t watch any debates, I mute political TV commercials and hide political postings on my social media. I’ve done my own candidate research since it is easy to look things up online and find out what a person’s platform is and make an educated decision about who I will support and why.  All of the money that is spent on commercials and mailers is obscene and works in favor of rich candidates. The regular person has no chance at making a difference on a national platform. These things don’t change anyone’s mind. Most people vote for the person who espouses ideas that make that person feel good about who they are and how they live.

I’ll be glad when it is over.