I’m validated!

I just saw a post on facebook by Jude Devereaux saying she has to have the TV on when she is writing.

I know people say they need music playing, the hustle and bustle activity of a Starbucks, or complete silence, but I have never heard any other author say they had the TV on when they work. I have a TV with a chromecast in my office and I play netflix or youtube videos while I work, but kept quiet about it since it didn’t sound very literary.

Thank you, Jude! She is a prolific and well loved author, so I am validated. Silly I know, but it just shows the influence of all the things I read about how to be a writer-and these resources have never said a TV is a productive writing environment for them.

A couple of nights ago I had a busy night’s sleep. Not really dreaming but instead I was mercilessly dissecting one of my stories. I went scene by scene tearing apart and second guessing each section. I was actually talking to myself while I was dreaming about the book. I argued with myself about character motivation, doubting that certain parts made sense, were necessary or even believable.

One character required more depth for her to do what I needed her to do and I wasn’t sure how to make that happen or what that even looked like. It was a frustrating exercise that left me tired, but motivated when I woke.

I have a question. How big is too big to post on a blog? If I want to post a short story, how would be the best way to proceed? I’ve seen people who have done a blog series and I wonder what readers think of this? I would love to hear what the feeling is about this.




A mind walk

It will be 107 degrees today. I know it’s summer in southern Arizona and it is to be expected, but it reinforces my feeling that I don’t belong here. I’ve lived here for 47 years, so you would think I would be accustomed to it. But it seems as though the older I get the less I am able to tolerate it. The only redeeming part of this season is the monsoon rain storms that visit in the evenings, though those have been AWOL for the last several weeks!

My fantasy home will be in a place that enjoys four seasons, with lots of green in the summer and lots of white in the winter, near a mountain lake or the ocean. Water is necessary.

I have a lot of books. My last estimate was 1300-1500. So I would need a house with an attic and basement, a large room for books and my writing space. I’ve always wanted to live in a Victorian two story house. More dreaming would be large fireplaces and maybe a friendly ghost.

As you can see I am finding a place in my mind to hide from the stress of the hot weather.

Last night a storm hit us coming in from the north east. It made it’s presence known when a large brown patio umbrella broke in half and struck the house making Millie and I jump. She went to the window and barked like crazy. The wind was powerful and once the heavy rain started everything got soaked. The storm moved quickly and then it was over. The humidity was 60% and the temp was 80. Sticky and still.

So here I sit, hidden in the air conditioned house, regularly getting wet to cool off, and a fan blowing on me. I imagine snowy mountains, cool breezes and temperatures that require a sweater and scarf.