Spending the day in my woman cave

Got up, grabbed a coffee and my phone. Looked at the news (what is up with Hillary Clinton?), checked emails and blogs I’m following, looked at social media (love twitter), and got a shower, made breakfast of toast and honey, and then escaped to my room.

Here I am.

I’ve got a netflix movie on the TV, did a bunch of filing, paid some bills, pulled out my story notes and as soon as you lovely blog followers are updated I will start on my writing.

We were in California for four days last week so my work was on hold. It was okay though, since we were spending time with our daughter and our soon to be grandson. Hopefully three more months and the adoption will be done.

We had so much fun watching him experience new places and things. He is eighteen months old and is a busy, bruiser of a toddler. He is very cute, very smart, and a charmer. We went to the ocean twice in one day, had a morning adventure at TravelTown at Griffith Park, made my regular stops at Weilers for Eggs Benedict and Cavaretta’s for deli sandwiches and canoli’s, and enjoyed the days in the Valley.

Now it’s time to get back to work. I am bouncing between two stories, two genres-historical and contemporary-trying to find the flow for both of them. I suppose it seems strange to be working on such different genres simultaneously but it seems to keep me fresh.

So I’m handing off this blog to you lovely followers.





Thunder alarm clock

It was 5:50 am and I heard what I thought was a truck rumbling by, but that made no sense to me. Millie scratched on the screen door telling me to get my butt up and let her out. Then I heard it again. Was that thunder? Interesting.

Millie went out, and did her thing. I lay back down and started to doze off.

At the screen door scratching around 6:30 I got up to let her back in and realized it was sprinkling. Hallelujah! Rain to start a Tuesday morning. Filled my coffee, grabbed my phone and headed to the back porch to enjoy the rain. Then it really started to rain, a full fledged rain shower. I looked to the north and there was a thick, wide rain shaft with low clouds that appeared to be moving my way.

See me smile and sigh.

Chuck joined me with his coffee and we watched as the storm came near. Then boom! That was close. A few minutes later a brilliant lightning bolt struck very close, like 1/4 mile away with an instant, shocking BOOM! The wind started to pick up testifying the storm was here. The temps dropped fast and we sat enjoying the show as small hail mixed with rain fell.

Abruptly, suddenly, quickly, immediately – pick and adverb – the wind shifted and got stronger, blowing rain and hail straight at us, hail was landing in our laps, tables, chairs and on Millie. We jumped up, gathering our things and hurried inside with Millie leading the way.

It was awesome!

Now, a few hours later it is still over cast with thick clouds, with an occasional sprinkle and the rumble of distant thunder.

What a way to start my morning!




I’ve been remiss in blogging and realized it was time to plunk myself down in front of the computer and get busy.

My house is a mess, lots of boxes and very dusty. I’ve neglected it while trying to help Chuck with the back half acre which looks like a scene from the “Sanford and Son” TV show. We’ve done some yard cleaning, and he’s hauled some stuff away but more seems to sprout from the ground. We are having a yard sale this weekend so that will help clear a few things out.

It’s hard to get ready to sell a place you’ve lived in since 1991.

Got up this morning, had a cup of coffee, ran through emails then hubby and I went for a walk. We did about a mile and a half and thank goodness it wasn’t too warm. He was a little distracted from his ongoing job search, but that was ok since I was distracted as well.

I usually walk by myself so I can stay in my head mulling ideas around. I have an intense scene to write and I’m not quite sure about the set up this critical meeting between antagonists. Needless to say after being married as long as we have he read me well and knew I wasn’t into chatting.

The life of the people from my story run in my head like a movie and right now the action is paused until I figure out what’s next. This is the best part of writing. I’m flipping back through my notes looking for that word or the thought which will tease out the right idea for dialogue and actions.

Three days until my book is released on Amazon. I’m nervous.




Writer multi-tasking

Coffee-check, cell phone-check, window open, laptop on.

Open blog, open story for final edit, open new story, start writing.

This is my standard process and the way I get started. Moving between all the projects is comfortable and stimulating for my brain. I feel good about what I’m doing. I am predictable, but don’t tell anyone! I want to be perceived as this mysterious artistic human others are compelled to try to understand but can’t get past the wall of creativity.

Millie will come and lay down beside my feet while I work. She will tell me if someone is there while I lose myself in thought or get wrapped up in letting the words flow. When Chuck is here he will come and stand at the door to watch me or he will come over and give me a kiss then leave me to my words.

I think he is proud of what I am doing.

I have three reference sheets of descriptive words taped on a computer monitor I no longer use. It’s amazing how helpful those words are to my creative mind. Where I sit while working I am next to a nice sized window. As often as possible I have it open to engage with the sounds of dogs, birds and the leaves of the trees moving in a breeze. I have four plants in the room so I can breathe.

Tinkerbell is all over the place. I love fairies and pixies. A former boss used to call me Pixie.

The wine is for afternoon and evening writing. Gotta have wine, ha ha.



Tis the season

Yesterday the weather started to change in Catalina with clouds and cool breezes. The Christmas music was playing and the tubs of decorations were brought in. The day was spent making the inside of my house glitter and sparkle with the spirit of the season.


My Christmas theme is Santa Claus and the Nativity.  I’ve got the secular and Christian covered.

Chuck has his decorating tasks which are tree assembly  (yes we have an artificial tree) and lights. For the last several years we haven’t been home for the holidays so a real tree didn’t make sense. He also takes care of the top part of the tree ornaments since he is over six feet tall. I put the rest of the ornaments on the tree and put out all if the room decor. I like it just so, kind of like loading the dishwasher.

Millie is not sure what to think but she’s leaving it alone.

Watching soccer, what a trip-the crowd is singing. Coffee is ready so time for homemade mocha.  It’s been raining so will be frosty over night. Be sure to drop a dollar in the Salvation Army bucket, buy a toy for a child, give the food bank money for Christmas dinner and tell you family you love them.




I’m sitting on my back deck drinking my French roast coffee with stevia and cream surrounded by birds chatting, the occasional mosquito and barking dog, wondering what to write.

I live in the desert but you wouldn’t necessarily know that by the look of my yard. At least the tame part of it. My house sits on an acre near the Santa Catalina mountains. We are a little higher in elevation than Tucson and because of our proximity to the mountains we always have a bit of a breeze. It keeps us a few degrees cooler than the city.

Half of the acre where the house sits is surrounded by grass, trees, honeysuckle vines and roses. It doesn’t look like the Sonoran desert and I am glad of that. Most people say the desert is beautiful. I say it is brown, dry and full of things that stick you, bite you and suck the fluid from your body. I’ve lived here for too many years.

To me the desert is the best during monsoon season. When it is wet and plants that hide until the rains come make it look welcoming. When it is hot and dry even the mountains seem to shrink from the sun and look drab, but when the rains come they seem to swell and appear lush and dark. I’ve pointed this out to others and they can see what I mean. It’s almost like they are waiting to suck up the moisture.

Happy, that’s how they seem.

It is like humans. When we are lacking the support, love and fellowship of others we flounder. Our minds are so wrapped up in what we are lacking it is hard to feel good about ourselves. We know something is missing. I see children who need to feel cherished and their hearts are thirsty for acceptance and love. Sometimes they start seeking this outside of the home, many times making this worse and their souls start to dry out.

Just like my plants, people look happy when they are nourished. My plants give back by providing cool shade or soothing color. My herbs, fruits and vegetables provide me with the nourishment I require. I take care of them and they take care of me. Isn’t this what we need to do for each other as humans? It is the continuity and connection of all life God has placed on this little planet in the middle of an massive galaxy and an unimaginably immense universe.

I am but a speck on this earth, but the birds I feed and the plants I water depend on me. Much the same as the humans in my life need my love and encouragement. The true desert plants and creatures don’t need me to care for them, they wouldn’t miss me if I were gone. They belong here-that is the plan. The ones I placed here for my comfort require my attention and nurturing. If I go away the desert will continue as it always has. My place as a steward of the others requires me to place them in the care of another should I leave. It is my responsibility to them.

It is the same with the people in my life. I make sure they have what they need to continue wherever they are and they give back by flourishing where they are planted. I have two children who have grown into balanced, loving individuals who are pursuing their goals and making good lives for themselves. They give back to me with their success and happiness.

Who do you need to cherish? Who needs to nourish you?


Coffee’s ready


Coffee is ready, whew that is good timing. Heard the garbage truck go buy so the mad dash, in my sleep fogged brain, to put out the cans was worth the effort.

Coffee, coffee.

It only took me an hour to fall asleep last night, and boy did I have some crazy fun dreams. The best one was being in space. It was really cool and in my slumber I experienced weightlessness.  I love my dreams most of the time. I wish I could tell my brain what kind of dreams I wanted. I especially like tornado dreams or flying dreams or dreams of my father.

I dream in Technicolor and surround-sound, and I always remember the last dream but often I will have snippets of most of the others. I’ve heard or read this means something but I’m not sure what it is. I also have a recurring dream set in three or four different scenarios. This one usually starts happening when I am feeling restless and antsy. Its that dream where you start out but you cannot get to your ultimate destination. It has been a road trip across country, or not being able to take the right exit off a maize of freeway. I have also had the one where I am in a big house and even though I have retraced my steps I cannot find the front door.

I get restless and antsy being in one place for very long. I was an Air Force brat and I loved it. The adventure of where we were headed next was exciting and imagination stirring for a young girl. My siblings were not so happy about that, they wanted to stay put. There is so much to see out there so why would you want to miss it.

Well that was an interesting side trip.  Coffee must be working.

I want to visit every state (I am at 38 now) and then start knocking countries off my bucket list. Most of my bucket list is travel oriented. Ride the Orient Express, fly in a hot air balloon, swim with dolphins, walk the bluebell fields of Kent.

Ok, mind is wandering.

Did I mention singing? Singing a full set of Ella Fitzgerald with a soulful quartet in a basement club. I think I would probably do a real good job with that one.