Let’s go!

These  efforts toward a VO website and blog website presence are, for the most part, enjoyable. It’s a huge learning curve for me and not having the funds to hire it all done, I must teach myself the skills of the trade. This is not an intuitive process in my mind.


Rather than thinking – dang I gotta blog! What the heck am I gonna write about? When a light bulb moment occurs I can start writing and flesh it out over a few days. This way I am writing whenever I am inspired and then, when scheduling the finished post, I am relieved. New blog DONE!

Sometimes I will open a new blog post page, write a silly question or comment in the title line, and save a draft, just what I did with the above title. Then when next I sit down at the laptop I listen to what my mind thinks this means. Is this the best action? Hmm, perhaps not. So how do I to become a productive blogger? One thing I’ve set up is a weekly appointment on my calendar to remind me to check my blog.

As a blogger what is your preferred method for development of your blog text?


Holder of My Flame cover character.

With fiction story writing it is entirely a departure from the process described above. I know the gist of the story and the main characters. Plotting is done with the goal of telling their story authentically and using all the rest of the information to create that narrative. Lots more research into location, problem solving, character building, understanding angst, age appropriate dialogue and responses, and a host of other aspects which are part of the whole as the story develops, and I get to know the people I’m writing about.

With voice-over no writing is involved, rather I am provided with a script or narration, and my job is to interpret it – who, what when, where, why and how of the audience and speaker. My delivery is then based on the voice the client wants; mature, mysterious, friendly, salesman or conversational. I spend hours recording, doing edits, and then submit my audition for consideration. Creative but in a vastly different mode.

Voice over

Create: to produce through imaginative skill.



I’m validated!

I just saw a post on facebook by Jude Devereaux saying she has to have the TV on when she is writing.

I know people say they need music playing, the hustle and bustle activity of a Starbucks, or complete silence, but I have never heard any other author say they had the TV on when they work. I have a TV with a chromecast in my office and I play netflix or youtube videos while I work, but kept quiet about it since it didn’t sound very literary.

Thank you, Jude! She is a prolific and well loved author, so I am validated. Silly I know, but it just shows the influence of all the things I read about how to be a writer-and these resources have never said a TV is a productive writing environment for them.

A couple of nights ago I had a busy night’s sleep. Not really dreaming but instead I was mercilessly dissecting one of my stories. I went scene by scene tearing apart and second guessing each section. I was actually talking to myself while I was dreaming about the book. I argued with myself about character motivation, doubting that certain parts made sense, were necessary or even believable.

One character required more depth for her to do what I needed her to do and I wasn’t sure how to make that happen or what that even looked like. It was a frustrating exercise that left me tired, but motivated when I woke.

I have a question. How big is too big to post on a blog? If I want to post a short story, how would be the best way to proceed? I’ve seen people who have done a blog series and I wonder what readers think of this? I would love to hear what the feeling is about this.