Hi there!

I hope you find something interesting, funny, thought-provoking, or a path to discovery.

I love history, writing, quilting/sewing, blogging, reading, travel, singing, and family. This is what you will find on my page. I drink my coffee with stevia and cream, so grab a cup ‘a joe and lets talk.

Then again if it is after twelve noon pour me a glass of cabernet sauvignon and watch the sunset while we talk.


I have a hubby who is a hard working, big strong man who supports me in my flights of fancy, flights of fantasy, and desire to be a fairy. Most times I refer to him as hubby but his name is Chuck. He’s cute, can fix anything, and is a great dad!

Most of the photos you will see are taken by him. He is a hobby photographer and has a cool camera that I don’t want to use. He likes to relax with a bourbon on the rocks or a nice cold beer in a glass.

I have two really amazing kids and a cool grandson I like to spoil with another grandson due in January 2022.  Also occupying space in our house is our German Shepherd Millie and our polydactyl calico Cleo.

I will be sharing travels, writing and sewing projects, and life with you lovely followers, with blogs about twice a week. Please contact me with your questions and comments.

2021 is well underway so make it a good one.