Learning by an amature geek

I have spent the day gorging on science. I am thrilled. I even had two questions answered!!

I’m participating in the Mars Society Conference “Taking Flight” and it feels awesome to hang out with science people. I dig science, especially in relation to space and earth science. To hear from these people who describe what their plans are for Mars just blows my mind.

I’m pretty much self taught so that can give you a good idea of my knowledge base. I am no degreed individual however, I’ve learned enough I can follow much of the details of speaker’s presentations.

It thrills me.

Due to my years of laboratory experience, I understand certain processes about which I would normally be clueless, but this has provided an understanding edge in scientific terms and definitions. I am currently reading “Black Hole Blues” by Janna Levin about the discovery of gravitational waves.

Like I said geeking here!

I subscribe to several science oriented YouTube channels that give me fascinating problems and solutions in astronomy and astrophysics, geology, meteorology. I can’t resist the information.





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