Writer Query

All you writer types out there, I have a question:

Do you use a program for editing, like Scrivener, SmartEdit Writer, or Ulysses? If so what is your preference and why?

My writing is interesting and fun, but there are things I’ve heard of with these types of programs that I am curious about and wonder if they do give your documents-novels-short stories-blog posts the finished professional editing touch?

So gentle readers any comments?




4 thoughts on “Writer Query

  1. I like Scrivener, because it allows me to have everything I need under one roof, so to speak. Character profiles, worldbuilding notes, research, I can have them all side-by-side and just write without having to open another tab in my browser or its equivalent.

    On the actual writing, I like that I’m able to write each chapter as a separate file. A pretty simple thing to do on other platforms, but somehow the feeling of doing that in Scrivener is just much more streamlined.

    Then there’s the cork board, where I can see what happens scene by scene.

    There is a learning curve though, and it behooves you to go through the videos on their site. I’d also recommend you to download and use the Scrivener demo for 30 days and see how you like it. Good luck!

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