Writing Is Fun

I was talking with a young man who is an English major in college about my writing process. His questions had me examining the way I write, where my voice comes from and how I work story out. I told him it wasn’t just getting a good story idea and plotting the chapters, but looking at who the people are, how they got to the place they were when the story begins and what is the real truth of character.

Just like real humans, story human’s reactions and perspectives are based on their life experiences – even if those are made up by the author.

It’s sort of like a PR guy who comes up with an identity that is appealing and interesting, and will make the celebrity into a money making character. The celebrity grabs onto this identity and runs with it.

That’s what happens when I come up with a fictional character. I reach a point where there is reality attached to them. I know what they sound like when they speak, I see their mannerisms and habits. I’ve learned their hopes, faults, mistakes and desires.

Creating my world filled with these people I’ve discovered in my mind thrills me. It’s what I like best about writing. The research is fun, the discovery of plot and story stokes my creative side. The beauty of it gives my imagination what it needs to grow.

Writing is fun.



6 thoughts on “Writing Is Fun

  1. Oh yeah, totally agree with you on the joy of creating worlds in your mind. Then comes the actual writing, and that’s where I start hating the work, lol. Thanks for sharing!

  2. It’s interesting to “look behind the curtain” of someone’s craft like this. You describe it well. I recently started some short stories about the people in our neighborhood, changing names “to protect the innocent,” and it has been fun to describe persons, pets, and situations. Maybe I’ll publish it one day. Best wishes, old friend.

  3. I entered “writing for fun” on the reader because I am back to writing after a two month break to work on my mental health. I have discovered, or rediscovered, that writing is quite fun indeed. Thanks!

    1. I’m fascinated by the journey other writers take to find the muse after a break. I’m glad you are enjoying the flow of words again.

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