Bigger might be better

My current sound booth is fine, perfectly functional, does everything I need, and had a zero sound floor. I can do what I need.

I would like it to be a bit larger.

I found when I am recording I tend to use my arms – alot! This creates an issue in my space. I find I have to pay attention to what my arms are doing when I work, and this can take away from the spontaneity of my performance.

Once I have done my script analysis, made my notes and practiced to find the voice and tone I’m looking for the last thing I need to worry about it hitting my mic with my hand. Sheesh that is a pain.

Right now I have a laptop dedicated to recording. It is hooked up to my interface with the recording software, Audacity, loaded. It’s an easy one touch process. I take the files and move them to a thumb drive and take it to my laptop I use for editing. This one is bigger, more memory and can do everything I need. It’s the one I email the finished audition file to the client with.

Art bit more space would also make it easier to integrate the devices and have an actual sound engineer area. So I guess I need to make some VO money so I can expand. Pass on my contact info to anyone you know who needs a professional voice for their project.



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