Blame everything on COVID-19


I had one of those “wellness” visits to my primary care person. It’s what used to be called an annual physical. Anyway, she is a wonderful person, and took plenty of time to listen, answer questions, and get the lowdown on all aspects of my health.


First was the not unexpected “you need to lose weight” statement. This was followed by “blood pressure’s up a bit” that was also not unexpected. These led to a discussion on the way the first comment pretty much was related to most everything else about me.

I blame it on COVID-19. I blame everything on Covid. Why the hell not? If Covid hadn’t crossed the Pacific and landed on the west coast I know I would have not been so depressed, which combined with the extreme heat, made me stay inside, eat too much and blow off exercise. It’s all because of Covid-19.

I’m pretty tired of it, and the way this virus is controlling lives.


Having spent time working in an area of cancer diagnosis testing I can confirm the process from initial development to FDA/ISO approval is not a quick one. The steps are filled with double, triple and quadruple analysis of results, clinical trials, with quality checks throughout, repeatedly, before an actual product is approved and ready for manufacture.

No short-cuts.



Any vaccine has a similar methodology and the time this takes is not fluid or flexible. Anyone who says otherwise is wrong. The average length of time for the development to production of a viable vaccine is two to five years. Perhaps due to the drama SARS Covid-19 has created in the world there may be enough labs in the development stage that clinical trials, which take the longest, can be pushed for viability and effectiveness into production.


So my point – antibody testing should be widespread to determine those who might have had the virus and show some immunity. Simultaneously combined with continued testing on symptomatic humans for the virus.



Yeah, I blame Covid-19 for everything.



P.S. The above is strictly tongue in cheek, aside from the science information. If you or someone you know is suffering with this virus my heart goes out. 💞

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