I need a schedule

Greetings lovely blog followers!

Wanted to share something I have discovered about myself. It appears I require more than just spontaneous efforts in writing, blogging,  and voice over for successful results.


I’ve begun to schedule specific days each week for that work. Mondays and Fridays will be for writing. Wednesdays will be blogging day, Tuesdays and Thursdays are VO days.


This schedule will begin next week. I may have a bit of trouble staying on it next week since the grandson will be here until the 8th. Yet I am determined to persevere.



2 thoughts on “I need a schedule

  1. Hopefully you are able to keep to a schedule better than I can. Every time I try to make a work schedule for myself, life or Murphy’s law likes to get in the way. If you have any tips for sticking to a schedule, I would greatly appreciate them.

    1. Hi, yes it was that way for me until I decided to start several blog posts at a time, save them as drafts and once they were edited and ready to go I scheduled them to publishing. On my Google calendar I also put in a weekly appointment to blog. It is a wonderful reminder when I look at my calendar. My blog ideas never come when I sit down to write. Instead I’m sitting at my desk working on a story or doing research and with WordPress open I jump over and type out a phrase. Boom!


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