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Aside from spreading the word about my writing, I am using forms of social media more as an outreach and to market myself and my work. This blog is a favorite form of connection. I also have a Facebook author page, Amazon author page, Twitter, LinkedIn, Discus, and Instagram accounts.

I am curious about other bloggers and writers use of social media, and what success people have had with a personal web page. How have others been effective in marketing? What options and venues have been most productive?

I can’t really afford to pay a professional web designer. Has anyone found a good tutorial I can get about doing the process myself? I get tweets about promoting my book or getting followers for a fee and I wondered if anyone has experience with this?

There have been good results for me using Facebook boost for posts about new work or special deals I’ve run with Amazon KDP, and the cost is manageable for me. I’ve linked the author page to this blog and my Twitter so the word gets out.

So I just keep plugging away writing and blogging, having fun with all the new followers, and hearing what’s happening in the world of words.



3 thoughts on “Using social media

  1. I heard in a workshop that a good approach to social media is to have profiles on everything, but put 80% of your effort into only two of those mediums. This helps curb burnout problems. All of the other platforms can still be used occasionally, but mostly they exist to redirect people to your ‘favorite’ platforms.

    1. That sounds perfect and manageable for me. I will realize I haven’t hit a spot for a few days and get busy with it then neglect another. Fantastic solution-Thanks!

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