Hurry Up and Wait

Totally understand and in the middle of similar stuff. Hang in there kiddo.


It seems like just a few years ago I could schedule a doctor appointment, see the doctor and make arrangements for any type of procedure and it was a relatively streamlined process.

Not now.

Primary doctor has to refer you to a specialist.  Specialist then recommends a procedure that requires a different doctor.  Primary then has to refer you to the additional doctor and then you get the pleasure of waiting a month for an appointment.  Once the additional doctor determines what he/she will do, insurance then gets to agree or disagree with the doctor as to whether or not they will pay for the procedure.  Fingers crossed the insurance agrees.  Even still, all of this will cost out-of-pocket an amount that would easily cover my monthly expenses for a few months.

Apparently, I have to also request my records/imaging from the facilities that helped the first two doctors determine…

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