Keeping my guardian angel busy

I’ve often said my guardian angel will get a well deserved rest when I’m dead. I’m one of the clumsiest humans there is. Whether there is something to trip over or not, I will fall. I bruise myself when I run into corners, shelves, doors, whatever. I drop things for no reason, for example I grab a bottle of Advil, start to open the top, and I will drop it just as the top is loose enough to dump every pill on the floor. I knock things over like a freshly filled glass of wine placed on a table, or a plate of food. I do this stuff every day! It’s maddening.

Well today I did a good one.

Even though we are in dry Arizona and not a mosquito hotbed of say Houston, we still have them during monsoon season. We have fresh water barrels that collect rain water from our downspouts. These have small wells on the top where the water will stand long enough to breed mosquitoes if we don’t clean them out right away.

This morning I was outside in the coolness enjoying a cup of coffee and checking emails on my phone and I noticed there were quite a few mosquitoes buzzing around. So I lit a mosquito repellent stick that burns for a several hours, and usually we set them in flower pots or the ground. I wanted it near me so I grabbed an egg carton, poked a hole in it and put the stick in it like an incense holder. It worked great and I could move it wherever I wanted it.

A couple of hours later, just before Chuck was about to get ready for work, he asked if the stick was still burning because the smell was strong. I said I knew it would burn for a while and we had the door open so that was what it probably was.

He headed into the bedroom to get ready and I walked outside to make sure the thing had burned out. I looked down at the floor of the deck and there were ashes in the perfect rectangular shape of an egg carton! Not only that, the carpet had burned through to the wood sub-floor. burn

Thank God I didn’t burn the house down. Guardian angel was on the job, again.



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