When you meet Daniel and get one of his hugs you know love is covering you. He is also hilarious. “Fire in the hole!” Great post!


In 2014 after the death of his mother, my nephew came to live with us.  Daniel is 32, and has Down syndrome.

It was a big change as we had been empty-nesters since 2008.  It isn’t always easy to live with a disabled person, especially one who has at times difficulty understanding just what you are trying to communicate to him; the question beginning with “why” is a tough one for Daniel.  Aside from that, Daniel is high functioning and quite able.  He loves to help out around the house and is very proud of his daily accomplishments.  Those accomplishments include; helping with the dogs, emptying the trash, mopping (well, sort of), making his bed, brushing his teeth, etc.  Each day when I come home he gives me a rundown of his day which is pretty much the same as the day before.  Daniel just needs what we all need…

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Bite Your Tongue!

This post gives me a great idea for dealing with the same feelings. Thanks sis for a great blog.


There are words I want to speak to someone but I know I can’t actually say them.  My sharp tongue will do no good, but that doesn’t take away the thoughts.

So, I took a moment to “speak” to this person; I said how I honestly felt and I put it all in a Word document.  It was cathartic to say the words; truthful, but most likely hurtful words, minus the conflict that would have been created.

I was telling a coworker about what I had done and she suggested I print it out and then burn it.  She said it would have some sort of effect.  Maybe I will do that.  But for now, I’ve saved the document and will add to it if need be.  It’s better than speaking the words to the person, they wouldn’t listen anyway.

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