Interesting look at technology.



For months I have wanted to purchase some older tunes but they aren’t available on iTunes.  Very cool modern technology allows me to play my playlists on my phone through Bluetooth in my car, and on the cute little audio box I purchased for my home.

Each Saturday morning I listen to my favorite radio station program via my phone into my little audio box and one day it just hit me, I bet I can play YouTube videos (AUDIO) too.  The songs I wanted had been uploaded to YouTube so – voila! I now have access to the music I love and missed so much.  My drive to and from work is a little more pleasant now.  It is the simple things in life.

Thank you technology for giving me back my songs.

“Long Distance Winner!”

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People in pain

I had a chance to help someone

The time to act was now

People in pain are hard to comfort

When their minds are scattered and slow


Please give me patience

Please make me determined

Please help them hear

Please clear my heart from fear


Sometimes it is fight or flight

I hide from what I don’t know

Am I really the one to help another

This is me slipping on the border


Ok, I smile and give in, nervous

This person’s pain is quicksand

Yes, I will do my best, for them and me

I will give my time to help them stand