When You Are Happy In Your Writer Skin #MondayBlogs #writer

I think this is me!


When You Are Comfortable In Your Writer Skin

When you are happy in your writer skin you:

  1. Enjoy your writing.
  2. Accept that you have writing strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Work with your creative muse.
  4. Don’t place unrealistic expectations on your writing.
  5. Enjoy the act of sharing your writing with others.
  6. Don’t feel embarrassed about being a writer.
  7. Encourage others with their writing craft.
  8. Take steps to improve your weaknesses.
  9. Don’t place unrealistic expectations on first drafts.
  10. Look forward to working with the fictional folk who live inside your head.
  11. Accept that there will be good times and bad times but nothing will stop you from sitting down to write.
  12. Look forward to sitting down and creating worlds, people and situations.
  13. Accept that some people will like what you write and some won’t.
  14. Accept that some days words will trickle and some days they will pour out of you.
  15. Are proud of the fact that you can write thousands and…

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