It’s all related and it damages humans.

This blog was hard to write but I was compelled to share my opinion. I have noticed a disturbing trend in the news. The overwhelming reports of child sexual abuse. This abuse isn’t done by the scary guy hiding in the bushes or the creepy uncle who came for a visit. This is abuse done by fathers, mothers and siblings. Why? All abuse is wrong!

I realize this isn’t something that has just starting to happen, it has been around since humans have been around. What is disturbing is that children are dying because of it. Who can be so sexually aroused they rape a three month old to death? What is wrong with their brain that they can ignore the screams of pain and the blood, and expect no one will know. The abuser is a damaged human and if the child survives it is also damaged.

Another trend, I think related to this, is the alarming number of arrests for child porn. I put the desire for this up there with watching humans having sex with animals. It is wrong. No one can convince me otherwise. Don’t even try.

This leads to something else I believe is making humans into little more than basic life forms. Studies show the damage to committed relationships and the perception of women as objects is directly related to porn viewing. I personally feel the excessive display of the human body has diminished the beauty of the human body by making it common and ordinary. Men in loving relationships are turned off by their normal looking wives after viewing the altered bodies in porn. The beauty a man initially sees in the woman who has given herself to him body and soul is colored by a skewed perception that casual and excessive human nudity gives. I have heard so many stories of women who have said “My husband loves me no matter what” to find out he is addicted to porn and sees her as disgusting because she isn’t a size zero, nympho with huge fake boobs bouncing around. He doesn’t see that the woman he is getting off on would give him STD’s if he banged her.

Have you read what these actors go through physically to perform in theses programs? The men and women who allow hours of anal sex spend their days wearing pads to keep the feces from coming through damaged sphincter muscles. Most of the women have to be drugged to allow their bodies to be used by men and women they abhor. Many of the women who are in bondage and sexually violent videos spend hours recovering from the pain their bodies have endured.

How is this sexy?

I read an article that showed the effect viewing porn does to the brain. It is equated with what happens when a human becomes addicted to cigarettes. With repeated behavior the brain rewires itself to require the behavior. It changes the way a persons brain works.

Garbage in, garbage out.

Boys who view porn, and it is very common don’t kid yourself, see sex as their entitlement. If they watch rape, this is what they expect is their right. If they watch child porn, it tells them small children really want sex. If they see unprotected sex, they don’t worry about the consequences of unprotected sex for themselves or others. Imagine the brain of a ten year old boy who has spent a year watching increasingly graphic pornography when a girl he likes smiles at him and says he is cute. Where does he go in his mind? Imagine this same boy who has watched child porn and sees a beautiful little six year old girl. What images do you think his mind conjures up?

The idea that sex is meaningless was underscored recently when the news reported an incident of a teenage girl who had casual sex with several boys while more boys came to watch and video tape it. The only real outcry came when it was revealed she had been captive in a sex trafficking ring and her brain couldn’t distinguish what she was doing was harmful to herself, because it was how she was trained to respond to demands for sex from males. Her brain was altered by repeated behavior. She is in therapy but what is the cost? Do you think these young men will feel they did something wrong?

Girls as young as 7 or 8 are expected to perform oral sex on a boy before he will be her boyfriend. First of all, who decided a child that young was capable of being a girlfriend or boyfriend. By middle school children are actively engaged in sexual activity their bodies and brains aren’t ready for. Instead of sex being the source of love and affection in committed relationships, it is play time for 6th graders.

Boys expect it, girls desperate for attention give it. It has no value. When did giving your body become a common place and routine act with no depth, connection or emotion? Why is excessive sex and graphic violence required to tell a story? It is sad that the young people of this day and time cannot see what they are doing to themselves. Humans are losing the one thing that makes us special-sex with love, maturity, understanding and attachment.

It is like urinating.


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