This place is a mess

For the last few months Chuck and I have been working toward getting ready to sell our house. Recently there has been more urgency in attacking this project. The house is being painted, just the trim is left to do and I have rooms full of empty boxes.  There are stacks of things everywhere!

Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t like clutter. It makes me nervous. But getting stuff boxed up and sorted out so it can go into storage is a messy business. I stand in the middle of a room looking around at the empty boxes and the items that must go in them and I think this would be a good time to blog.

I have been cranking out some writing on my book. It is so close to ready. Three of my readers gave me great critiques and those led to some precision edits. I also found some old notes from my original plot material and I discovered some scenes I hadn’t used initially which fit into the story much better than I had originally planned. Loved discovering these treasures from my first thoughts about my story.

Another cool thing that happened is I contacted an artist friend of mine who said he’d take a look at coming up with some cover art for me!  We are working on the details. He is so talented and it felt wonderful when he said he was in! I sent him my first chapter. Let’s see if he get’s inspired!



2 thoughts on “This place is a mess

  1. That’s a scary thought. Hope the yard sales will help lighten the volume we end up storing. An empty house sells quicker.

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