I’m awake

Damn insomnia strikes again! Of course the worst thing to do is sit in front of a computer absorbing all that bad electronic light into my tired brain. But I’m tired so I’m stupid.

I have been writing nearly all day (at least 8 hours with church, meals and wine thrown in) so by about 8pm the letters started to be blurry with my glasses, and I was making mistakes. It was time to stop for the night. I didn’t watch the Oscars (never do) so I had no TV to bore me to tears and zzz’s. My preferred programming is interesting and would keep me awake, so pass on those.

I talked to Chuck around 9pm as he was getting ready to sleep in his hotel bed after driving from Dickinson ND to Cheyenne WY (500 miles.) He has a very pleasant, warm sleepy voice which is seductive for slumber.

Well that didn’t help either.

Did my night time bathroom routine (I know you want to know this) and got in bed. Comfy and cozy I decided to read for a while to get drowsy. I was losing my place, forgetting what I’d read and dropped the book a couple of times so that was a clue to turn out the light. That was around 11:30pm.

I then proceeded to toss and turn for the next two hours. It is now 1:58am.

I am now confronting the demon insomnia with words which are truly my best weapons. Millie wasn’t too pleased with my roaming the house and turning on lights. She grumbled at me in between yawns but has dutifully followed me and is now laying on the floor by the desk. Good Millie.

Cheers! (Yawn-I hope)