Didn’t know where I was going

This morning I got up, got coffee, checked emails, looked at Facebook, watched the Weather Channel, played with Millie, showered and then…nothing…I didn’t know what to do next.

Ok I did have a something I had to do today but otherwise I had no real plans. I grabbed my purse and phone, got in the car and drove away.

I had no clue where I was going.

I knew I had to get some cash, but I could do that at a lot of places so no direction there. I just drove. I got about seven or eight miles from home when I saw the shopping center where my grocery store is and thought “vitamins”. I hadn’t been in the very cool vitamin store in a while so bingo, I had a target direction.

I parked and walked into the store to be greeted by the very nice woman who runs the store. She asked if she could help me and there I was again…nothing…no direction.

I began to tell her about my morning and how I ended up at her store. She seemed interested and we shared stories of similar experiences. I told her I was going to roam around and see if anything caught my eye. After several minutes I had an arm full of items and was ready to check out. I told her about my blog and that this would probably show up in it and Nancy (her name, right how cool it that) said she would like to read the blog so I wrote down the link for her.

So here’s a shout out to you Vitamin lady Nancy.

I hadn’t had any breakfast so I stopped in at The Good Egg. I like the eggs benedict there and the youthful servers. It has a nice vibe to it. I got more coffee and I pulled out my notebook I carry all the time, to make some notes on the story I am currently working on and proceeded to spend a pleasant almost hour there.

Left there and got the one thing I had to get which was the cash and headed home. After I got back my story was screaming out to me with some additions and edits, so I spent a pleasant couple of hours immersed in my own fictional world (glorious) and here we are!

Pretty cool day after all.




Feeling crazy young

I just had the absolute best time. My nephew is painting my house, he’s a pro. Yeah he’s getting paid. Anyway, his daughter, my so extremely cool niece Trinity and her buddy Casey came by. They live just down the road so the girls walked over to ride back with my nephew Kris.

I turned on the music (of course) and I began doing my aunt duty by giving them lessons in wine tasting, mind you no one underage drank anything, but I showed them the finer point of wine tasting. Using a Malibu red blend I demonstrated what to do and what to look for. They took to it like the pros I expected from them. Trinity is related to me, and Casey is her friend so is awesome by association.

We talked, pretending to be grown ups as I described varietals and the best year for red grapes. We made fun of people who drank fruity wines and sweet Rieslings, you know the routine.

It is my duty to help.

Then we went into my office and Trinity saw the books were being packed up and my laptop open. This girl knows me well. We started talking about my writing and what they had happening in their lives. Such cute girls. These are the girls I did the Cupid Shuffle with at my nephews graduation party, but I digress.

I said, “Listen to this song,” and I played Walk Away by Kelly Clarkson, then Try Me by Jason Derulo. Then I played…House Party by Sam Hunt. There was excessive teenage girl squealing and then the three of us proceeded to sing at the top of our lungs and dance like it was a Hollywood dance club! We were laughing and singing and dancing and the years between us were gone.

God that was fun!

I think this needs to happen very often.





That dog

Millie has figured out a way to distract me.

She is eight months old and has come into her own as a guard dog. She still is a little chicken shit as far as really protecting, she hides behind me. She has her big bad German Shepherd bark on and will go at it if someone pulls up to the house or comes to the gate. If they come into the yard then she runs up on the porch or around the house, still barking.

What she’s started pulling is barking and waiting for me to come find out what she is barking at. I will be working or doing laundry and I will hear her bark. This isn’t the full on warning bark that she does but a sharp loud couple of barks. I walk into the room and find her sitting there grinning at me like “Haha you came when I called!”

Ok, dilemma here. How do I react? I am the alpha human when Chuck isn’t here.

I definitely know the aggressive sounding bark, that one is easy to pick up on and it’s accompanied by hair standing up and that defensive posture. I gotta say it is very impressive.

With this other bark, it’s as if she is showing me that she is doing her job and waiting for the “Atta girl.”

We are still working on the jumping up on people bad behavior. She just isn’t getting it because everything is play with her and if she did that to an older person Millie is big enough to knock someone down.

Can you say “lawsuit?”

She is a very pretty dog, loving and loyal, but I will enjoy her even more when she is out of this puppy stage.