This is my manifesto:

I am conservative.

Unborn human life is more important than unborn whales. Leave the rain forest alone and keep your trash out of the ocean. As stewards of this planet we can make it flourish or destroy it based on our narcissistic desires. Rescue the elephants from captivity. Punish poachers with the maximum that can be administered.

Reduce the cost of energy alternatives.

I strive for success, this success is personal and I deserve it because of my efforts. My efforts are based on how hard I work, however the individual is not owed anything.

A well educated and adequately supplied military fairly compensated is the best deterrent to terrorism. Sovereignty of our borders is a priority. All people have the right to pursue happiness while considering the rights of others.

Each of us deserve the privilege of our personal beliefs without persecution or ridicule from anyone else.

All children should be treated with unconditional love, respect, affection and guidance.  This would eliminate most criminals incarcerated in our overcrowded prisons.

Humans come in all colors on the outside but are the same on the inside and when respect is earned it should be given regardless.



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