Boxing up my muse

I have started to box up my library/office and it feels weird. I love being in that room. Blogging and writing, doing research or just getting inspiration it all happens in there.

I love books. The way they look and smell give me a wonderful, soul-stirring sensation.  People who know me laugh at me when I open an old book and burying my nose in it taking a big sniff. They say I close my eyes and smile.

When I am in the process of writing I look at them, touch them and get ideas for character names or a fictional town name. I surround myself with words. All kinds of words. Jude Devereaux and Janet Evanovich, a biography of Alexander Hamilton, the Atlas of World War II, old textbooks, Winnie the Pooh and Plants of the Southwest.

If I had to make a guess I must have 1000 hardback books. Now I have to close them up in boxes to be stored until we move. I hope the words will still find me. Maybe I’ll leave a few on the shelves just in case.



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