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Took needy Miss Millie for a walk, nice and long one to tire her out-it worked!20151012_092404

While out there I was thinking about some contemporary romance books I’ve read recently. I like romances with good stories to hold them up and some of these authors are real wordsmiths. There is something described that’s consistent in all of them-so far.

All of the incredibly handsome and hot, mega alpha, libido-charged masculine leads always and I mean always use condoms. The beautiful, sexy, perfectly shaped, “wet, tight and hot” female leads expect them to have condoms. Nobody goes without birth control.

Can we make this detail real life, please?

I would rather an unwanted pregnancy be prevented that to kill unborn humans. Abortion should not be used as birth control, besides the moral questions, repeated abortion is really hard on a woman’s body. Save it for those situations where there is no alternative.

Another dog walking topic that came to my mind was protecting animals in our care from harm. Harm from predators, bad weather, bad owner choices. Taking on the responsibility of an animal means you will make decisions for it. It is not in control of it’s life. If a human wouldn’t walk outside without shoes then think before you force freezing or blistering temperatures on your poor animal.

If your dog is aggressive or out of control GET IT TRAINED!! You doing the animal no service letting it stay in this condition. Another thing which is huge is getting your animals (especially cats) spayed or neutered. Uncontrolled litters become feral packs and food for predators. Bad.

Ok I’m off the soap box.




4 thoughts on “Dog walking and thinking blog

  1. Miss Milly looks like a great walking companion. German shepherds are the BEST! My Cassie left us at age 14.5 and I think of her everyday. It warmed my heart a great deal to see your beautiful, loyal, SMART walking companion in the photo. 🙂

    1. She is really doing well on the leash at seven months. She is the 3rd GSD I’ve had and I love them. Thanks for the comment.

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