Thoughts on ca$h

Yeah I’m back. Sitting here, paying bills and doing a lot of complaining out loud.

I print a receipt, pull up another online bill or log into an account and after giving them my hubby’s hard earned (truly) pay there are more!! They are like bunnies, reproducing magically. But they always say thank you to me when I hand over the ransom.

But they come back again the next month! Who do they think I am, Midas?

I know that I would be an amazingly good, kind and generous independently wealthy woman. I just know I would. I know because when I fantasize about my huge lottery winnings (can’t win if you don’t play) my heart is in the right place as far as charities and helping immediate family is concerned. That’s good, right?

I’d like to try it once.

I used to tell people my fifteen minutes of fame would be to win Powerball and Mega Millions at the same time. Ok so they are a day apart but lets say the same weekend.

Anybody interested in a really nice 5th wheel??

Still looking for that travel show gig. If you know anyone put in a good word for me and I promise I will go to the gym!!





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