I know you are interested

This is my messy writing area. The only thing missing right now is the glass of wine but please it’s only 10:30 am here so cut me some slack. I love having a window next to the desk just like Will R20160123_100618ogers! Ok many of you won’t know who that is (look him up,) but he was brilliant, sarcastic, funny and usually right on the money with his witty observations.

Hey that could be me!!

Well it looks like Winter Storm Jonas is wreaking havoc on the north east coast (New Jersey is flooding at high tide) and the Oscars are probably going to go away so it has been an eventful couple of days for humans.

Chuck is starting on our taxes. He is really good at it. Millie is hanging out on the front stoop listening to me talk to myself through the open window shown above. Yes it’s open, I am in Southern Arizona remember?  It’s 57 outside, really warm to me so thus the open window.

I am multitasking-blogging, laundry, dishes, vacuuming-typical Saturday. My sister will be stopping by later today with her grandson, yummy baby. I may get some more packing and sorting done today and tomorrow and I have to make up the For Sale signs for our 5th wheel RV.

Found someone to paint the house, now we just need to clear away stuff and cut back shrubs so he has a clear shot. I will be glad when all this getting ready to sell work is finished.

I love to travel and my bucket list is full of places to see. I would be a great travel host-how do I get one of those gigs??

positano_tramontoPositano. On the bucket list.



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