TV stations and internet service

I don’t understand the programming of cable and satellite TV.

I wish they would let me pick my stations. I don’t watch any network stations, my main viewing is Weather Channel, Discovery, History, Science channel, Hallmark, PBS, BBC and Syfy. Throw in a couple of movie channels and food shows and I’m good.

Why can’t it be a la cart for people like me, unless you just have to have every frickin’ channel in the world because you do nothing else all day? If I had more channels I would never get anything done.

Why do internet providers charge so much if you just want internet and not a bundle of internet, phone and TV? I have DISH so I don’t need cable TV but my internet service through Xfinity costs almost as much as my satellite service-which is stupid!


There has got to be a better way to do this crap. Any suggestions out there? Cutting costs has got to be possible.

Also, anyone have a part time writing job for me? Just askin’



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