Where that feeling comes from

I have been avoiding the news. This isn’t a new thing for me since I rarely watch news other than weather news, but all of the conflict, accusations and battling in this country is having an impact and I am thinking about it. Where does this feeling come from? Why am I afraid and what can be done about it? My best and only tool are words. It takes me a while to find the human perspective on all of this.

My human perspective, my human take and my human response. Each of us react based on our own history and experience. For me this is tinted by patriotism. I love patriotism and I love being patriotic. Living in a military home, with a father proud to serve his country is the basis for my patriotic fervor.

I know that anything run by humans is flawed because we are flawed. My guard goes up when it sounds like our leaders want to control what I think, who I am and how I conduct my personal life. This applies to both sides.

Humans should take care of the children, elderly and infirm. We need to be wise in decerning who is truly in need and being  aware of those whose desire is to take advantage, control and make victims.

Trusting is important, but blind faith is reckless. The heart needs to hold others close, without fearing it will be abused. Wisdom is what humans require. Wisdom to know what is best and to do what is right.




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