Tis the season

Yesterday the weather started to change in Catalina with clouds and cool breezes. The Christmas music was playing and the tubs of decorations were brought in. The day was spent making the inside of my house glitter and sparkle with the spirit of the season.


My Christmas theme is Santa Claus and the Nativity.  I’ve got the secular and Christian covered.

Chuck has his decorating tasks which are tree assembly  (yes we have an artificial tree) and lights. For the last several years we haven’t been home for the holidays so a real tree didn’t make sense. He also takes care of the top part of the tree ornaments since he is over six feet tall. I put the rest of the ornaments on the tree and put out all if the room decor. I like it just so, kind of like loading the dishwasher.

Millie is not sure what to think but she’s leaving it alone.

Watching soccer, what a trip-the crowd is singing. Coffee is ready so time for homemade mocha.  It’s been raining so will be frosty over night. Be sure to drop a dollar in the Salvation Army bucket, buy a toy for a child, give the food bank money for Christmas dinner and tell you family you love them.



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