Should I upgrade?

Hey WordPress blogging world!! I have a dilemma.

I am considering an upgrade offered by WordPress. Has anyone else done this and how has it helped your blog experience? There are the two upgrade options of premium or business so if you did one of these why did you choose that specific upgrade? Did you go to another blog hosting site?

I have 60+ following my blog and would like to make my blog reach an even wider audience (I am totally grateful for my followers by the way!!) and wondered if one of the upgrades would really help expand my blogging reach.

This blog has inspired my fiction writing and I love coming up with stuff to blog-imagining what people think while reading my often rambling prose.

Another question I have is about an author page on Facebook and if it would encourage traffic to my blog? Anyone done this or some other option to promote blog readers?

I sit here in my library/office wondering if anyone is really reading this. Please share your experiences.




7 thoughts on “Should I upgrade?

  1. I added a Facebook page and even put out an ad. It generated likes for the page but not a lot of traffic to my blog. As I post to wordpress it pushes to Facebook and from time to time someone will click through the link. I’m still trying to figure out how to get my blog off the ground so if you get any good tips please post them!

    1. Thanks for your response. I have my personal Facebook page connected to this but have only had a couple of clicks. This is why I wondered about making a Facebook specific to my blog. I will definitely pass on any tips!

  2. I can’t help with the upgrade question, but I would be very interested to read your thoughts if you do decide to go with one of those options. I have a fledgling Facebook page (although I’m not an author). I seem to get a surprising amount of traffic from it compared to Twitter. Whatever you decide, I hope it goes well!

    1. Thanks for the kind words. It might be worth the time to set up a special Facebook page. I know when I am finally published I planned to do an author page. Maybe I should just go with it!

  3. The only reason to upgrade through WordPress is if you want to drop the “” and start to brand your name. As for “exposure,” you need not look outside of WP for that. All the readers and subscribers you could ask for are right here waiting to be found. I would use a Facebook like page though, again if you are branding yourself.

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