Hostage to laptop

My laptop has to go to the doctor so my blogging and writing is being held hostage. I don’t like using my phone to blog (too slow and $$) so I will be back online soon (I hope) and will rejoin the blogging universe.

Rock on.


Right hand butt wiping

I’ve been out of commission for the last two weeks after surgery on my right hand. Typing is easier now and I can use all my digits but the hand is still a little sore and if there are mistakes you will understand. I hope.

This surgery changed some everyday things for me. I am mostly ambidextrous(sometimes shockingly so) but there are some things that took a bit of practice to acquire the left hand skills-teeth brushing and butt wiping weirdness.

Five days after surgery I managed to sprain my right wrist! My hand surgery was healing very well and I had begun using my hand and the bandage was off. I was getting a carton of Silk from the refrigerator with my left hand and it slipped. So what do I do? I reached up with my right hand and caught it, awkwardly. I felt the pain in my entire hand and wrist and knew I was hurt.  Back to square one.

But now things are improving and I am back to my blog.

I am tolerating the heat here in southern Arizona thanks to a hurricane. Dolores sent some moisture that cooled things from 110 to 92 with 40-60% humidity. This is not a dry heat. We are halfway through the hottest time. I would rather deal with extreme cold than extreme hot. I am heat intolerant. I’ve actually managed to get nauseous and sick in the time it takes for the car a/c to cool down after coming from the house.

No writing has happened since my surgery either and I am ready to get back to my routine. Get up-coffee-breakfast-exercise-blogging/writing-finish the day productively and start again. I will be getting my German Shepherd puppy this weekend. Her name is Millie and I look forward to her companionship. My last shepherd loved going places with me. We walked the trails of Catalina State Park together. I look forward to Millie and I having the same wonderful experiences. I know she is going to be beautiful.

I’ve had two beta readers give me some great input on my historical story and I am excited to use their advice to improve the writing. Interestingly, in their varied comments, they mentioned the same scene that needed clarification. Waiting to hear from three more.

Time to head out. Oh I am getting rid of DISH. Not that I don’t like them but TV wastes too much time and I tend to watch things I don’t care about. Will just have internet as a substitute.

Saving money and brain cells.


Dogs and humans

Miss MacyThis is Miss Macy my first German Shepherd puppy.

Last weekend I went to see my sister and for the first time to meet my puppy. She was three weeks old and so amazingly precious. It doesn’t matter what age a person is when we see a puppy our hearts turn to applesauce and we can’t help but fall in love. While we were there my sister’s granddaughter came over and she had same reaction as I when she got near the puppies. You just can’t avoid it.

My dog, when full grown, will be a big beautiful German Shepherd female. I’ve had this breed before and I love them. There are lot’s of humans who don’t like the breed, or don’t want such a big dog, but to me they are the best. Because I am getting a puppy I know I will watch her grow and remember the adorable little puppy in my heart.

I think this is why so many people like small dogs (or as I so affectionately refer to them-coyote bait.) They never stop looking like a puppy. I am not fond of little dogs and I know lots of folks have them because they work well in small dwellings. Ok if that is what works for you. I have no need to keep my dog in a purse or spend tons of money on puppy bling.

I have always loved my pets, but they are that-pets. I wouldn’t spend money on a pet at the expense of a human in my family needing care. But I do whatever I can to take the best care of my pet. They are part of the family and like all members of the family they have their place, their job and my attention.

One of my biggest “pet” peeves are the stupid humans who insist on harming their dogs with their idiocy. For example it is 105 degrees outside and some moron in an electric wheel chair decides to go to the convenience store around the corner and proceeds to haul their dog along. Ok, said moron would never sit butt down on the asphalt road or concrete side walk because it is 120 degrees, but moron thinks nothing of taking a dog with him/her, expecting this poor animal to endure the burning of its pads and the radiant heat off the ground roasting it’s insides. I’ve actually gotten into yelling matches with people I see doing this crap.

If you can’t stand for two minutes barefoot then it’s too hot for your dog!

On my Facebook page I berate my followers regularly with posts about leaving animals in the heat or cold, warning I will break a window if I see an animal in a hot car or I will call animal control if I think an animal is being abused. If you can’t keep yourself warm on a cold night without a heater, coat and shelter why the hell do you think your dog can! Ranchers bring cattle and horses into shelter when the weather turns to protect them.

I would more than do this for a human child, so as one given the heart to look after another species why wouldn’t I do the same for them. It is the responsibility of humans to look after the other life on this planet. If we have been given the care of a dog, cat, horse, snake, chickens, cows, etc. we must do the best job we can. If you know yourself and you know you will suck at it and maybe cause more harm then don’t do it! Give the care to someone who will do a better job.

Off soap box,