Workout angst

I was at the gym this morning, doing my treadmill duty with a new book on my Kindle ready to start reading. The treadmill started, I got to speed and increased the incline. I was starting to cruise. The book is a new genre for me so I was trying to concentrate and get into it. So far so good.

Then he showed up.

Ok, you know the sting about personal space invasion. There is an unspoken protocol in the gym just like everywhere else. Leave a space. If there are six unoccupied seats leave a seat open between people. Same at the gym. Don’t take a treadmill or other piece of equipment right next to someone unless there is no option. There were at least fifteen empty treadmills and he took the one right next to me! He had a friend with him who took the one on the other side of him.

Alright, just keep reading.

Then he started talking to his friend, loudly. Comments on the programs on the overhead TV’s, talking about his expected workout and other crap. It totally invaded my brain. I was trying to focus, but this guy’s loud commentary was making me nuts. I was ready to stop my workout and leave. Then his friend said “Quit talking.”

I love her!!!

Book back into focus, I pounded out my time sweating and happy.



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