What a feeling

I just finished my edits on my manuscript. I had several scenes to rewrite and after completing those they flowed well and the scenes had much more power and added to the story. I had held off writing one chapter since it was very important to the development of the characters and plot line.

The feeling I had once all of it was done was great. I wandered around the house saying out loud “I finished!!” Yet it isn’t really finished. I know need to have some objective critiques done before I feel it is actually done. But right now this first step is made. As I looked it over, stopping in different places to read and absorb what I have written I felt good about it.

Turning it over to someone else to critically pick it apart is a bit of a troublesome thought. Of course I think it is what I want it to be yet I know I am not objective. My biggest concern is the POV. These are still my words and I know these characters as if they are real people. To me they are. I have had some help from my husband. He is an avid reader and his male perspective is valuable. It was also my first step in having another person look at a work I consider a part of me.

I guess my feelings are pretty common and I know I want to share it with readers. The time will come when I give up the words to the world and wait to see what others think. In the mean time I will continue to push it through all the steps to make it the best work it can be.