Super Bowl, the Holiday

I am a football fan. I like football and I like to watch football. I know that there are crazy stupid things that go on in the background because there are young male humans with huge libido’s and lots of money. There are also older male humans who have money and an overwhelming desire to win so bring on the cheating. Teams are filled with guys who have great character and are award winning good guys, then there are the obnoxious, narcissistic losers who publicly bring their ugliness with them.

We all love the good guy. He is the one we encourage our children to look up to. He is the one who makes the sport, music, movie etc. industry seem redeemable. But, he is not the guy the media talks about. The sleaze and crap sells, the drugs and arrests mixed with limos and clubs are the number one news topic with college and professional sports.

Almost from the moment the super bowl teams were decided the crap started. Why? I suppose it’s the alpha male figuring into the picture. As a woman an alpha male is attractive and appealing if he is honorable and sincere. The problem is the low-life alpha male who makes it all about him. High profile sports environments lend themselves to participation by the alpha’s. They are developed and cultured in the closed off world of male sports and they expect their wishes and desires, no matter how selfish, to be acceptable and allowed.

I watch those square-jawed, deep voiced alpha’s and think what would it be like if they weren’t there. It’s the same thought I have when I watch the men working on the road construction or watching my husband chopping wood.  Ok, we need the alpha’s. We just need them to realize that winning is doing the best they can while being the best human’s they can be. I’ve got one of those.

Chuck and Nancy


Looking down

Been two weeks since I blogged. Spent these two weeks hanging with my husband while he was here. Here goes-hang with me on this one.

For the last week I have had the strangest dreams.

Let me clarify, I dream in full color, sounds, smell, taste-the whole deal.

These dreams have all had something to do with space-sort of my own Dr. Who type dreams. Weird and sometimes distressing situations that I can’t seem to get resolved.

Also let me clarify more: I talk to myself while I dream.

Anyway, I can usually turn things around or adjust the direction my dreams are going and move the action around. However this has not been the case in these last dreams. It was becoming frustrating and aggravating. I would wake up and tell my husband all about it.

Third clarification: I remember all of my dreams, or at least most of them.

I know that dreams mean something, at least I’m pretty sure of it but I have not been able to  tie them to anything or find a cohesiveness in them. And what is all of the space crap? I am not a huge sci fi fan but I do like my Dr. Who. What else could this have to tell me and where is all this going?

Well two nights ago I realized what all of these dreams had in common. I wasn’t in them! I was not in my dreams. I was a character in the dream but not myself. How weird it that? I, me, Nancy was watching the dreams they way one would watch a TV show. There was the character in the dream and I was watching the character and the dream unfold from above or away.

Ok, new to me. What do you think this means?

Let me say last night it wasn’t like this at all because I am having bronchitis and feeling poorly. The meds make my dreams dull and stupid.