Year 2: Day 53 – Seeds

Profound and mesmerizing. I am there.

The 365 Poetry Project

If blooming is what we do,
is it the proof of what we are?
Can there be pure seeds
in a rotten fruit;
can there be foul seeds
in a saint?

And what of hope?

I have looked at a man and saw glimmers in him
that he could not see in himself;
I have looked into a host of sunbeams
and seen darkness they would never perceive.

And who am I, or don’t we all
see the seeds hidden within?
And who am I, or aren’t we all
blessed with sense to detect their kind?

And what of hope?

But for hope, we must never forget,
we would see our judgments pass-
never to see long-dead seeds to sprout,
nor a man to rise and shine.

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