How does this help?

Like most of us I have seen the response to the grand jury ruling in the Michael Brown shooting and I have wondered how the activities of violence, vandalism and damage has helped the case of the African American community in Ferguson.

Humans reacting by such destructive behavior baffles me. My initial reaction is it is a form of bullying. If the public feels that this will be the response by one group to what is perceived as oppression of their rights then let them have control and don’t get in their way.

This is what a bully does. A bully is confrontational and puts themselves above others, especially those that appear weaker. Most people recoil from violence and retreat from a threat of pain or harm. The control of others with threats of intimidation is what is happening in Ferguson.

It is the same process in terrorism. I know that is a controversial statement but let’s be realistic in the basic connection in violent bullying.

If I want control over others, power over their thoughts and lifestyle I make it painful for them and instill fear in their hearts. I find justification by pushing what I see as my right to enforce my will.

The person who is the victim of this manipulation avoids this threat by cowering and giving in to the will of the bully.

The saddest part of this escalating violent reaction world wide is the influence on the children who are now seeing this response as the way to get what they want. The enormity of the negative impact this response has is to undermine the philosophy of Martin Luther King, Jr. His profound preaching of “the content of your character” in peaceful protest and productive dialogue brought all humans to the equality table. There is no place for any dialogue in a setting of intimidation and retaliation.

No human deserves to have their rights set aside. Yet, how does this help?