What is it about music?

What is your music preference?

I was recently reading a novel a friend is writing and part of the dialogue in the story the two leads were asking each other about their favorite song. It made me think, what is it about music and humans?

“Music is the soundtrack of our lives.”

I’ve heard that said or something along the same line and it made me think of my soundtrack. Wow! The variety of genres, styles and artists is extensive. Glenn Miller, Ray Price, Rodgers & Hammerstein, Keith Urban, Herbie Hancock, Corey Osborn, Sam & Dave and ZZ Top. You get it.

The composition of music must have some sort of organic, human perceptivity link to our DNA. Humans respond on a deep level to something in music that can invoke memories and re-live old attachments and old times. Some great and some not so great too.

I’ve seen expressions on faces as a song weaves through their minds. Emotions are real inside the reaction to the melody, rhythm and words. There are laughs when a song pulls a person through a fun time with high school friends. Eyes closing and a whispered sigh express the feeling a special love song can weave in a heart.

Joy, love, loss and heartache. Music is there.

The profound imprint of music is deep in people. It almost choreographs the way we live. I have playlists customized for my daily living. A party with friends, a quiet time reading, riding in the car and exercise. Music for one activity doesn’t work for another. I can’t power walk to Mozart, but it is great for cleaning the house. I have a rocking contemporary Christian playlist that is fun and motivating for doing a 5k. My classic rock music is perfect for a drive to Phoenix and my blues, rock and soul playlist is the best for a party.

Christmas music is one of my favorites. I can listen to it year round. It transports me and was a foundation when we transferred around the world while my father was in the military. I used to work with people who couldn’t handle much of it and I never understood that feeling but it might have to do memories or they might just get bored with it.

Whatever the light and dark of the musical experience it spells the story of the human personality.




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