For Real?!

Ok, I seriously don’t get it. These humans cannot be for real.

You know the ones I mean, everyone has seen the photos. Usually titled “Wal-Mart customers” and show a series of seriously disturbing pictures of humans in various costumes which I have to think had to have been done on purpose.

Why would someone, anyone wear any of this in their own home much less in public? These photos have to be a set up and these people are part of the gag. My initial reasoning is there are no innocent bystanders nearby staring at them with a shocked, deer-in-the-headlights expression on their faces. Trust me, if I saw someone who was dressed like any of these people that’s what I would do.

That leads me to my second reason why these have to be staged. I have never seen this in any of the Wal-Mart’s I’ve been to, even the ones in the south. I’ve been to stores in South Carolina,Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico and Arizona and nothing-zip-nada.

One wonders why an individual would allow themselves to be photographed in this way and be displayed so disparagingly? To allow oneself to be ridiculed and viewed with contempt is beyond me. But isn’t this what many celebrities do? Except they have the looks to get away with it, and their antics are usually kept to venues where such acts are acceptable and expected.

It must have something to do with wanting fame.

In what environment does laughing about the now viral shot of your huge butt crack or nasty camel toe lend itself to thoughts of esteem building, fame and fortune? It really does sum up the allure of reality TV. Reality TV is the soap opera of my mother’s time. Topics not for public consumption were dredged up and put on display to help the average housewife/college student live vicariously in the romance, pain and intrigue.

Who decided these people’s lives and their unwarranted narcissism is interesting and worth my time? Who wants to see a marriage crumble under the onslaught of real or imagined infidelity? What is “real” about this stuff and what compels someone to display themselves like this? If a camera is following you around while you conduct your life it isn’t real and won’t be.

If you really want to immerse yourself in living someone else’s life, do your brain a favor and read about it in a book. Exercise your mind and develop your imagination in a way the side-show antics of over paid and non-talented celebrity lives can never do.

So leave the too tight, too short, too see-through and too nasty at home and give Wal-Mart shoppers a rest.


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