The Wait is On

I’ve just submitted a short story to a literary competition and the nerves have started. This is my first official submission and it is like handing off one of my kids to a stranger. I am confident the story is good. I’ve had it critiqued and done more editing it, yet there is still that thought “will they think it was written by a 10 year old?”

My writing is diverse and I am always working between several pieces at a time to keep each piece fresh in my eyes.

I have been doing lots of research on a writing career, but the details are daunting in the scope. How to make the story the best it can be, getting objective critiques, securing an agent, publishing processes and a dozen other things. Creativity in getting published is as important as it is in writing. I am looking at setting up an author website and what that will require. I’m pretty good at using the computer but setting up my own website requires more skills than I feel I have.

More research.

My work is in short story and novel fiction. I am outlining a nonfiction piece too. There is also a children’s story, handed down in our family from my grandmother, I have started to work on. My cousin sent me a rough draft of it and if it get’s published we will be co-authors!! Thanks Niki for the words.

I have a book full of ideas and it amazing how a revisit to these notes will tease out a new detail or direction for the project. Back to work!


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