Netflix and Cooper

I love Netflix! Especially now that we have Chromecast. I feel so empowered, as if I am a network programmer. I decide when a movie is shown or how many episodes (without commercials) of my television programs are played in one sitting. This is seductive power. It is also starting to control my life, a wee bit. I have to tell myself to stop and do the dishes or let the dog out.

Oh yeah that dog. He threw up this morning.

I’m sitting at the table with my French roast with stevia and cream when I hear that sound. You know that sound. I looked up and saw him assuming the position. “Out Cooper!” I cry, and as he swings around to run out – he spews. One perfect two foot long arc across the living room carpet. It was nasty and he knew it. What has he been eating?

More coffee, now.

More about Netflix and Chromecast. I have access to dozens of programs and if I have to pee – pause, let Cooper out – pause, check the cell phone – pause. This is great! The best part is I am sending it from my laptop to Chrome to the TV. I know this sounds like advertising for Chrome and Netflix and if they so desire I will accept their endorsement payments.

I currently live in an RV in north west North Dakota. No cable service, but I have excellent internet that I have put to good use to keep up with my programs. This is a sustainer of life and mental well being. After all a woman can only go so long without Dr. Who.


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